Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Nirvana" by J.R. Stewart

Nirvana is a boom that examines both corporate greed and the ever-increasing impact technology has in our daily lives. The story takes place in a dystopian society that has been brought to edge of extinction due to the lack of bees to pollinate plants. As society crumbles, private firms rise to help the survivors of this "extinction" live a little better.
one of these companies is Hexagon, and it's inside these walls that the story develops.

Larissa is the true romantic of this book, searching tirelessly for her love Andrew. As part of her quest she interacts with this virtual reality world that constantly reminded me of The Matrix.  As she continues her search she learns more and more about the truth behind those she worked for.

The concept of this book is rather amusing. There were moments within the book that I felt I could not differentiate between what was their "real world" and the virtual one. The story is intriguing, get there were portions that had me somewhat confused. A very funny conversation takes place in a chapter called Extinction.  Here two characters talked about what led to the state of the world. While informative it was far from natural, it was just a weird narration of a series of events; and also it was almost to the end of the book.

 In a certain way, I wish the book was organized in a different way. At times it is difficult to figure out where characters are coming from, their motivations, or if this is the future or the past. The book ends in a sort of "cliffhanger," and we we all left to wait until the sequel is published. It was a fun read, yet I believe the characters could have been developed better. If you like science, or even science-fiction, this book is right with you.

** I received a free copy of this book as an ARC by the author/publisher in exchange of a honest review.

Finished on: September 10, 2015
Days reading: 7
My rating: 2/5

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