Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Like Jesus" by Jamie Snyder

My first impressions of the book, considering the cover and the tag line, were that this was going to be a book that was going to mix the historical Jesus with the biblical Jesus, and the various interpretations by all the modern-day Christian books out there. This is not the case, as it is indeed a book written for Christians. That being said, I am not a religious person my self. I was raised Catholic, so I have my basic knowledge of religion, even though nowadays I might not really be a believer.

With those disclaimers out of the way, let's talk a little about the book itself. One thing I admired about the way it is written is that it truly sends a message for Christians to take a deep look at their behaviors and try to act more like Jesus would have. The old phrase  "What Would Jesus Do" comes to mind as I write this.

Jamie Snyder goes to great lengths in describing several ways that some Christian groups have made Jesus into a comfort image that feeds their wants. The "American Jesus"  and "Political Jesus" were my favorites, as I can see the influence of those Jesus in many people around places around social media.

One big thing the author does not do is make the reader feel bad. Religiously speaking, yeah we are all sinners and such, but this book is not about condemnation but rather a path toward love. And even though I'm not converted, I truly enjoyed reading about it. At times I feel like some Christians forget that message of love, and finding a book that places love back in the priority list makes me feel good. If more people pick up this book and feel compelled to love, instead of judging, then the world will instantly become a better place.

Finished on: August 17, 2015
Days reading: 5
My rating: 2/5

** I received a free copy of this book as an ARC by the author/publisher in exchange of a honest review.

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